Once you found a home in Palm Coast you will need to get some utilities hooked up and running; The City of Palm Coast heats, cools and cooks predominantly with the use of electric. Very few homes utilize gas, solar or other types of energy exclusively. Also, our drinking water and sewer treatment are provided by the city; wells are only used for lawn irrigation. Below are links to establish new service for your home:


Florida Power and Light
Tip:  You can order service quickly and easily online

Water and Sewer

City of Palm Coast Utility Department
Tip:  You will need to provide a Warranty Deed or a closing statement (HUD) to the City as proof you are the new owner.  Unlike electric, you can not have water established (turned on) in your name until after you close on your home.  Most people after closing head over to the city to get an account.

Cable TV | Phone| Internet

Satellite TV

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