6 Simple Things You Can Do To Create A Great Home Showing Impact!

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It’s going to happen, your Realtor in Palm Coast will call to set up a home showing request.  When the call comes in, it always seems like the day is full and there’s hardly any time to prepare.  Being able to focus on what matters most makes a huge difference in the over-all impression to a buyer. First impressions last forever, so every showing counts, that’s why homes staging Palm Coast Fl is very important!

  • Curb appeal
  • Impressive front door
  • Focal point
  • Mood lighting
  • Spotless
  • Paint looks good

Just a few minutes of prep before each showing is all that it takes but that little bit of time can also make a huge difference.  The small things sometimes make the most impact. A quick home showing checklist helps.  Below are several proven tips you may want to consider:

6 Things You Should Do Before Home Showings:

1. Start With Street Appeal

Palm Coast Curb AppealGo outside and stand in middle of the street and critically take a look at the appearance of your home; pay attention to the yard, trees, front walk & entry.  Curb appeal is so critical, I put it first.  Small touch-ups to flower beds, front entry/porch will help your home stand out from other listings and look cared for; trim bushes and weed if needed!  New mulch can really help make beds pop-out and look instantly manicured.  This is step is important so do this right away even before meeting with a real estate agent.  You want the photo your agent takes of your home for the MLS and other advertising needs to look its best.

Having good curb appeal will welcome  potential buyers when they arrive for a home showing and set up the positive tone for the rest of the showing.  If there’s time before a showing, sweep/hose-off the front walkaway, make sure the exterior entry is clear of debris (grass/leafs/weeds), wash away any dirt on or around the door and make sure your entry area is inviting as possible.  Go up to your front door and pretend you where waiting on the owner to open the door to invite you in; look around does standing there appeal to you?  If not, make sure it does before your showings.

2. Spruce up Your Front Door

If you are going to do any touch up painting the first thing I would do, is the front door. Also replace any dis-colored or damaged weather striping. You want your front door looking tight and freshly painted with no gaps at edges, it should open and close easily, everything should look clean and crisp.  If you really want to do it right, replace your old hardware with shiny new stuff – that’s guarantee to help make a dynamite first impression.

3. Grab Attention with a Central Focal Point

Bare slab front stoops look boring.  Spend a few bucks on them and they can be inexpensively covered with ceramic or concrete stain.  Just a little care here will jazzes up the front. Ask for opinions from experts if not sure what to choose. Or, maybe switch out that old porch light with something more up-to-date.  Add a cost-effective focal point, nicer-than-average and right in the center of the front of the home.  It’s about packaging the product!

4. Lights

Go through your  house to make sure all light bulbs work, match in multiple-bulb fixtures  and are close to at the maximum wattage allowed for the fixture. Ceiling fan lights should be set to switch on from the wall to make it easy to turn on.  Light fixtures tend to be an inex­pen­sive update that really makes a room “pop” so consider replacing dated fixtures with the types you see in new builder-model homes, especially entry, kitchen and dinning lights.  Good lighting always improves appearances  I personally like low lighting vs upper-lighting   A lamp in a corner looks and feels more homey than a bright ceiling fan fixture with 5 lights a blazing.

5. Clean, Not Just Pick Up


Dirty Dishes, not good.

 A clean home appears larger, while a cluttered one gives the appearance of being too small. Pick up clutter and make sure to at least clean the kitchen & bathrooms;  you just can’t get too sparkly and shiny in these rooms. If you were buying a new car, a nice shiny clean car is an essential part of your buying experience, and it is no different for the buyer of your home. Buying is emotional, and nothing welcomes like cleanliness.  Don’t over do it, but adding air fresheners is nice, too.

6. Paint Strategically

Your home may not need a complete paint job, but if you can possibly afford it, make the paint look new, nice and neutral  Especially in the most important rooms; Entry door, breakfast rooms, master bathrooms and some other key areas are especially important to have looking crisp and fresh.  People like the smell of new paint, too.

Bottom-line, before your showing your home think like a buyer.  If you find something amiss or looks wrong fix or clean it. Use your senses, too – especially sight, smell, and sound.  If it looks broken, messy, stinks or is too loud (busy road) then fix, pick-up, light a candle and play some music.  A little common “cents”  will bring more bucks.

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