All Roads Lead To Walmart

If They See It, They Will Come.


All roads lead to better buyBetter Buy Realty is strategically located in the heart of Palm Coast.  In fact, we are neighbors with one of the nation’s busiest Walmart Super Stores.  You will find our office at the main entrance of City Market Place, first-floor end unit.  We are the store you see when entering (from Cypress Point Parkway) Palm Coast’s largest retail shopping center.  We share our center with, the sheriff’s department and numerous other retail stores and restaurants.  If you live here, you probably have seen and driven past our office 100’s of times.


We like to say,”all roads lead to Walmart” and what advantage is having all that visibility because we are next door.

Front Entrance


The fringe benefit of being seen; walk-in traffic.  Every day we have random people walking into our office asking for a list of homes to buy, sell or rent.  If you live in Palm Coast,  how many real estate companies do you see from the road?  Not many.  Lots of agents work from their home office, or their broker’s office is tucked away in some lesser know center on a side street you rarely drive on. List your home with Better Buy Realty and not only will your property be seen online but offline, too.

How many times have you heard the old real estate cliche, “location, location, location” We practice what we preach!


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