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My name is Jeffrey Sawyer, I am the owner of Better Buy Realty and have been its real estate broker since 1998. Before then, I worked as a licensed Realtor for a nationally recognized real estate company (franchise) in Palm Coast, Florida.  While at that firm, I accelerated quickly and was recognized as top 10% in international sales (for the entire national franchise) in my first year.  I literally was embarrassed by my income, I felt I was taking advantage of others hard earned equity and lining my pockets with their sweat.  I come from a hard-working, hands-on blue collar family and selling real estate for me was honestly not that hard in comparison.  Yet, I was getting wealthy off other people’s lifelong investments; their family homes.  I knew in my heart, I could sell homes just as effective and quickly as I did while at that national franchise real estate firm, but not have to charge as much — as it turns out, I was right.

However, if I was going offer my clients a lower commission rate I also had to make sure that my clients’ service and expectations were being met and not compromised. Furthermore, I definitely didn’t want to give my competition any animation to work against me.  So it was paramount to keep my co-broke offering that same as theirs (usually 3%) and market my properties in the same effective outlets as them.  I literally drafted a  business plan to assure the only difference between Better Buy Realty and my competition was the commission rate we charged; nothing else was to be sacrificed.   Internally within (my business) and the real estate agents I hired, I had to make changes but to the consumer (you) and the end result, selling homes was not compromised.

Surprisingly it was easier and more profitable than I thought; proving to me even more that charging a higher commission was not necessary.   Yes, I had to make some changes,  I had to create and implement unique marketing techniques, understand buyer behavior thoroughly and only utilize effective advertising outlets that had proven from my previous experience to sell homes.  If I was to succeed, I also had to get rid of the rest unnecessary expenses, too.  I had to trim fat were not needed; Eliminate the national franchise fees, hire real estate agents (with the mindset for working at a lower commission), and utilize a budget around a lower overhead.


“Other Realtors in Palm Coast Florida can’t figure out how we do it,
… I can’t figure out how they don’t.”


This was all possible!  

Ironically it’s other Realtors in Palm Coast Florida commissions fee that is attributing to Better Buy Realty’s success!  The distance between Better Buy’s rate and current average market rate  (5-6%) to sell a home provides ample room to reduce our rate and earn a conservative but still a handsome living.  All possible and thankfully because (in my opinion) the going market listing rate other Realtors in Palm Coast Florida imposed is overcharging.   The ironic part, Better Buy Realty’s reasonable rate is only made possible because of their (higher) rate; The distance between our two rates creates the illusion that our rate is a discount.  Like my daddy always said, “Only In America”.

Over the years I have never become complacent;  I have consistently increased metrics relating to lead generation, sales, client boarding and retention, and more. I have developed and implemented new effective marketing plans, reworked business models when necessary, adapted quickly to changing real estate markets, increased brand reach, refined advertising strategies and discovered new niche markets and strategic partnerships.  This is a fancy way of saying; I am successful selling real estate, at a lower and more reasonable rate.  

Every day we consistently prove other Realtors in Palm Coast Florida wrong that more commission is necessary to achieve the same objective; Selling your home quickly and for top dollar.   Our successful track record speaks for itself; we have successfully sold 1,000s of real estate transactions since 1998, not just alone but working together with (every) real estate company in Palm Coast, Florida.  Furthermore,  Better Buy Realty did not only survived but thrived during one of the worst real estate markets known in recent history.  How did we do it?  We sold homes – it’s that simple. Remember, we only get paid if we succeed at selling your home or property; Your home will be no exception.

It would be my great honor to meet with you personally.  I promise I will open your eyes to the real inside workings of Palm Coast real estate and why we feel that others overcharge for their services.  Once meeting with me, you will never look at real estate the same.

There is never any obligation or pressure when we meet, I will simply tell you about our services &
our reasonable rate and how I intend to sell your home quickly and
for the highest selling price.

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