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We offer full-time real estate services at a more reasonable (lower) fee. The most you pay is 4%. No Gimmicks. Just Results.

  • Full Service Real Estate
  • No long term contracts
  • No cancellation fee
  • Guaranteed results

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Our agents have complete and in-depth understanding of our area, its unique neighborhood dynamics and the individual street sections of Palm Coast. Find your dream home here:

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Renting? We’ve Got Tenants

Everyday we have people walking into our office asking if we have rentals.  Over the last few years, our rental occupancy has been constantly full; We are always in dire need of new property rentals.  If you are thinking of renting your home, we urge you to contact us.

  • Reasonable property management fee
  • We never make unnecessary repairs
  • You pay nothing up-front until we find you a tenant

Marketing Program Designed To Maximize Your Home’s Value

real estate agents in palm coast flOur marketing program was designed from the ground up to maximize your home’s value and get it sold a fast as possible even in today’s hard hit real estate market. Better Buy Realty has developed and implemented new effective marketing plans; We reworked business models when necessary, adapted quickly to fast changing real estate markets, increased brand reach, refined advertising strategies, enhance Internet exposure (homes.com, Realtor.com, Zillow.com, etc.) and discovered new niche markets with strategic partnerships. This is a fancy way of saying; Our real estate agents in Palm Coast fl are successful at selling real estate.  

Paying More Is (Old School) Way Of Thinking

Real Estate Agents In Palm Coast FloridaMy name is Jeffrey Sawyer, I am the owner of Better Buy Realty and have been its real estate broker since 1998. Before then, I worked as a licensed Realtor for a nationally recognized real estate company (franchise) in Palm Coast, Florida. While at that firm, I accelerated quickly and was recognized as top 10% in international sales (for the entire national franchise) in my first year. I literally was embarrassed by my income, I felt I was taking advantage of others hard earned equity and lining my pockets with their sweat. I come from a hard working, hands-on blue collar family and selling real estate for me was honestly not that hard in comparison. Yet, I was getting wealthy off other peoples lifelong investments; their family homes.

“…I knew in my heart, I could sell homes just as effective and quickly as I did while at that national franchise real estate firm, but not have to charge as much — as it turns out, I was right.

I had to create and implement unique marketing techniques, understand buyer behavior thoroughly and only utilize effective advertising outlets that had proven from my previous experience to sell homes.  If I was to succeed, I also had to get rid of the rest unnecessary expenses, too.  I had to trim fat were not needed; Eliminate the national franchise fees, hire real estate agents in Palm Coast Fl (with the mindset for working at a lower commission), and utilize a budget around a lower overhead.  Most importantly, I had to compensate other real estate agents in Palm Coast Fl the same amount of commission. At Better Buy Realty we utilize the same MLS (Multiple Listing Service), provide expansive Internet coverage and advertise aggressively.

Other Real Estate Agents in Palm Coast Fl Charge Less, Too

Paying less than six commission is nothing new. If you keep looking, you will find plenty of other real estate agents in Palm Coast Fl willing to reduce their commission, if you persist. In fact (nowadays) many home sellers are paying less than six percent and more and more seller’s are joining the bandwagon everyday. However Better Buy Realty was fundamentally structured different from the beginning (Since 1998).  Our business plan was created from the ground up and implemented from day one to effectively sell homes around our lower rate, nothing was compromised including our full-time Realtor service and marketing. Now that the real estate market has changed, other Realtors are trying to play catch up.  Fortunately Better Buy Realty has well over a decade head start.  Having survived one of the worse real estate crashes our county has seen, proves to us that our experience and business structure is sound and is more effective than ever.  During the changing era of the real estate you will hear a lot of moaning and groaning (about lower rates) but in the end, most Realtors are finally acquiescing when you ask them to lower their fees. Otherwise they risk not being competitive enough and lose the listing to another agent that is willing. National franchises are different. They will be the hardest turnovers to lower their rate.  They have a money making machine designed and in placed around six percent commission or more.  They have franchise fees to pay, national advertising campaigns to pay, a huge budget to replenish for agent recruitment. These things are very expensive; but have nothing to do with specifically selling your home.  You pay more with a national franchise because so much of the commission you pay is used to promote their own agenda.  However I predicted within the next few years they will cave, too.  Soon everyone will be offering a lower rate.  Fortunately you don’t have to wait for a reasonable rate, you can list your home with Better Buy Realty today!

Better Buy Realty is different 

All our customers pay the exact same low rate. The result, we have no financial motivation to favor one listing over the other. Plus you don’t have to feel belittled having to negotiate a lower fee with us. Our low rate is well established and it is all we need to sell your home fast and effectively. Our agents have no animosity whatsoever with our lower rate nor is there any favoritism to customers paying a higher rate.

Food for thought… If a real estate agents has some clients that pay six percent and some that pay a lower commission whom do you think they will favor?

It’s 2016, It’s Time To Hop On The Bandwagon!

List your home with Better Buy Realty and have the confidence that you are paying the same low rate as all of our clients. If an outside real estate agent reduces their commission down from six percent – that’s a discount. Better Buy Realty is not a discount broker, we are a full service real estate company that only charges 4% to everyone.  Learn more

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