The most commission you pay is four percent (4%) to sell your home; There are no extra fees or upcharges. Everything is included; MLS, Advertising, 3D-Virtual Tours, Internet, Events, and everything else you expect from a Realtor®. However, you can pay less! You can pay as low as one percent (1%)!

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No More Than Four

The most commission you pay is four percent

No Hidden or Upfront Fees

The most commission you pay is 4%. Everything is included! There are no extra fees or upfront charges! We provide everything necessary and then some to sell your home. Including; MLS, Advertising, 3D-Virtual tours, professional photography, yard signs, MLS, Internet (Zillow, etc.) ... the list goes on and on!

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As Low As One And A Half

You could pay less than four

It's A Wonderful Safeguard

If you find a buyer (or) a buyer finds you; We'll drop our standard rate (of 4%) down to only 1.5%! Finding a buyer yourself happens more than you think. It seems like the day you list someone you either personally know (like a neighbor) or a buyer driving around looking at houses for sale talks to you directly without having a Realtor. If this is the case and they buy your home, we'll take them (the buyer) and you to closing for only 1.5%! 

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