Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an extraordinary place to promote and market your property. We start by researching and setting the ideal demographic targeting for your home or property, we then place your listing on social networks, create and run social media advertising, provide you with analyzing data from traffic sources and respond to inquiries from interested parties.

Property Website

Concurrently, a custom website (landing page) is created to feature and showcase your home exclusively. This landing page is necessary to direct traffic (the prospect gained through our Social Media efforts) to a webpage/landing page that represents your home in its best light; Features, beautiful photos, influential 3D virtual tour, map, etc.

  • Create a custom property website

    We create a website for your home or property - Included! Have a look

  • Market listing on social networks

    All of our listings get posted on Social Media. Let's socialize

  • Create and run listing advertising

  • Research and set ideal demographic targeting

    Local and National outreach.

  • Provide and analyze data from traffic sources

    Just the facts ma'am

  • Respond to inquiries from interested parties

    When would you like to see the home?

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